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"excellent spot on a must have to help you along with the exams. 5 star" - Ebay

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"hi just sat the 17th today and passedfirst time no update course just the exam only after reading a few previous posts I thought I would share this site with anyone who is interested http://www.electricalexams.co.uk/17thedition.html
found the software and the questions on it fantastic with about 50 % of my exam had the questions on it by the way its not my site selling this so I am not ranting with the proffit in mind just thought if it helped a few out and its far better than past papers" - IET Forums

"thanks for the exam software i though it was a bit expensive at first but it was spot on regarding the questions asked. Some of the people in the class struggled who had not done the exam before but i was quite laid back about it depsite the fact i haven't been to college for easily 10 years..." - Direct email

"...much better than the past papers I bought from ebay I passed the 2382 first time although I wasn't overly happy with the teacher on the course I have to admit your cd made it a breeze..." Direct email

"... my results i think they speak volumes! They were the best in the class by a long shot, I was more prepared than I had ever thought I would be. I think that I did quite well and this was my first ever computer exam! I think I got 2 wrong in total, not bad for an old timer." - Direct email*

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